Aaron codling photographing the Mountainsmith Parallax camera backpackDuring a walk to the beaver pond on the lower forty, we discussed our past photographic endeavors and collaborations as well as some ideas we had for our future adventures. We quickly realized we had the wherewithal to team up again and capture the uniqueness of our shared talents.

Curtis presents his Adventure, Studio and Wedding Photography skills and Aaron(that’s me) bringing my Action Sports, Studio and Lifestyle Photography to the mix. Together, we decided to use my ranch in the Mark Twain National forest as a base camp to prep for some exciting new photographic adventures.

Mya the black lab fetches sticks in a pondOn this day, our adventure included Mya’s romp in the beaver pond. After securing her in the K9 Dog Pack, we proceded to huck every available stick into the water for the very excited pooch to fetch. We were stoked to employ the Parallax Camera Packs and Lens Cases, as it soon became evident they provided the necessary defense for our equipment. Mya’s frequent deluge of water from each post-swim shake proved no match for the protection the packs afforded our gear. Not only are these packs durable and secure; they are also filled with need-to-have access points. A favorite is the rear gear hatch which keeps our equipment readily accessible and also helps keep our backs free of debris and moisture when it comes time to shoulder the packs and move on.

Mountainsmith lens case next to a nikon strapFollow our adventures on the Mountainsmith blog and On the Map Off the Grid where we will be providing reviews with our unique perspective on Mountainsmith gear and give insight to other gear we use and sometimes create that have been known to come from recycled goods we find on the way.

You can also check us out on Instagram: @OTMOTG, @curtis_savard, @acfoto
Curtis Savard prepares food at his campsite in front of the Mountainsmith Conifer tent

Mya the black lab swimming with the Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack

Mya the black lab swimming with the Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack

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