New K9 Ambassador, Lennon, stands on rock

“Hi everybody, I’m Lennon, Mountainsmith’s first K9 Ambassador.  I’m a rare Tamaskan Dog, or so they tell me. My humans take me on a lot of adventures and, because of that, they know how to take care of me when we go do fun things. Over the next few weeks, I’m gonna talk all about  my adventures and even some of my secrets, like how to be safe when you decide to go in the woods with your dog. Follow along with the Mountainsmith blog, sniff out my Instagram @lennon_official, and give me a howl if you have any questions about hitting the trail.”

Check out my latest post for 5 Health Tips for Hiking with Your Dog.


  1. I wonder why Americans use K9 instead of the much more accurate word “dog”. K9 was mildly amusing when it was first used on Doctor Who fifty years ago. It’s lost that edge, somehow. I wonder why?

    1. Valid question Nicole! We continue to use K9 for the continuity of the product’s name, since we have been using it for over a decade. We continue to see it used in law enforcement printed on the side of police cars as well, so maybe it has something to do with their reporting codes. Any experts out there? Feel free to chime in!

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