We received this e-mail in our customer service inbox last week and we had to ask the writer if we could share. These are the kinds of stories that inspire us to continue to build durable packs that are… Forged For Life. From our fan Stephanie:

Dear Mountainsmith,

In the summer of 1996 I was working my first summer at a camp in southern Colorado.  One weekend I spent one tenth of my entire summer salary on a Mountainsmith Day pack.  I justified the purchase with thoughts of using it for years to come, including joking with a friend of one day using those mesh side pockets for sippy cups and making it my family’s diaper bag.  Over the years, I hiked mountains, carried textbooks, and stuffed it full of groceries for the short walk home.  And almost four years ago I reached past the brand new baby shower gifts to fill my Day pack with diapers and baby gear.  Our second child can now find her essentials inside and those mesh pockets are great for sippy cups.  It has weathered all its tasks with strength and made things easier for me to have all these adventures.  It shows a few understandable signs of age and may be facing retirement as the water proof interior layer flakes off but Mountainsmith bags have my endorsement because of the value I have gotten from my first (and what will always be my fond favorite) pack.  Thank you, Mountainsmith!

Your happy customer,

Stephanie Lord

Louisville, CO

P.S. Attached is a picture of our 7 month old daughter, Cora, munching on our pack.

a baby sits behind a Mountainsmith Day pack being used for a diaper bag

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