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Mountainsmith Cooler Tube with some Sierra Nevada beer cans inside
Studies show that cold beers stashed in your pockets while walking around a festival campground are usually ~80 degrees when it comes time to drink them. Stash a six pack in the Cooler Tube and keep ’em cold!
Mountainsmith hemp day lumbar pack
Keep all your festival essentials in the Day Classic Lumbar Pack made with all-natural hemp, and includes a hidden stash pocket.
Mountainsmith Conifer 5+ tent with a rain fly on.
Your dome away from home. You will be sure to enjoy the giant front porch vestibule for shelter from a passing storm, and the Conifer 5+ is big enough for hosting late-night dance parties.
Mountainsmith Modular Hauler 4 gear storage system
Ultimate organization for the back of your car with the Modular Hauler 4. Designate each cube for a different day of the festival!

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