Who doesn’t love a 90s throwback? We pulled our favorite Mountainsmith designs from the early 90s and gave the vintage look a taste of 2016 technology.

From backpacks like the World Cup (originally designed in 1995 for Team USA) to messenger bags like the Adventure Office, the‪ #‎RootsCollection‬ packs in everything we need for today and everything we miss about yesterday…Discmans not included. Here’s a closer look at our six new bags for cruising through trails, around campus, and between conference rooms:


1. The World Cup

Originally designed for Team USA and the 1995 Mountain Biking Word Cup (Vail, CO), the World Cup made for an easy transition between races with enough room for bikers’ helmets and shoes. In 2016, we took a modern spin on the vintage rucksack, leaving space for your helmet and shoes but also building room for laptops, smartphones, chargers, sunglasses and more.

Mountainsmith World Cup Backpack of the Roots Collection

2. The Grand Tour

The original Grand Tour debuted in the 1990’s to help side-country skiers push their boundaries. The vintage rucksack design carried their skis in an A-frame as adventurers hauled their gear across ridges and up steeps. In 2016, we built on this idea to create a versatile, compact backpack that carries adventures to the mountains, the office, the campus and back.

Mountainsmith Grand Tour Backpack of the Roots Collection

3. The Wizard

A modern twist on a 90’s climbing bag, the Wizard still offers enough room for ropes, draws and harnesses but in a new design lined with added conveniences like the hidden laptop sleeve and detachable dopp kit. For more than just climbers, this pack loads in all of the essentials and organization options for outdoor adventures and easy travel by plane, car, or train.

Mountainsmith Wizard Backpack of the Roots Collection

4. The Divide

A new design with 90’s-vintage Mountainsmith inspiration, the Divide offers the best of both worlds. The commuter’s backpack, the bag is ideal for carrying your day-to-day essentials, a convenient daily commuting solution to carry your laptop, phone accessories, and a coffee canister.

Mountainsmith Divide Backpack of the Roots Collection


4. The Adventure Office Small

A compact messenger bag, the Adventure Office Small offers an outdoor aesthetic with a deceivingly large amount of pocket space. Leave your hand bag, briefcase, satchel or tote at home and pack all of the everyday essentials into this comfortable over-the-shoulder bag.

Mountainsmith Adventure Office Small Messenger Bag of the Roots Collection

5. The Adventure Office Large

Bring the backcountry into the boardroom with the Adventure Office Large. The benefits of a briefcase, backpack, over-the-shoulder messenger bag, and business class carry-on luggage, this feature-rich bag allows you to stay organized and travel simply.

Mountainsmith Adventure Large Messenger Bag of the Roots Collection

It’s time to #GetBackToYourRoots. Learn more about the 2016 Roots Collection here.

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