RC Cone, filmmaker and Mountainsmith  Brand Ambassador pictured holding his camera gear with a beautiful creek valley in the background


– Filmmaker

Description of occupation:

– RC Cone is a photographer and filmmaker based in Big Sky, MT. When he was 18, RC moved from the flatlands to Big Sky Country and graduated from the University of Montana with a camera and a degree in Environmental Studies. He and his cameras have travelled around four continents and they dream everyday of new adventures.


– Big Sky, MT


– February 3 1984

What inspires you?

– The culture that surrounds the environment. Around the world, whether you’re a fly fisherman or a rancher – there’s a ton of shared interests. I love exploring those.

What is your go to Mountainsmith product?

– I have a Mountainsmith Wizard pack that I’ve had for 10+ years. It’s torn, dirty, smelly, has been around the world and it’s unimaginable to me to have to replace it. I never thought something as inanimate as a backpack could share so much experience.

What activities do you participate in?

– I spend my summers fly fishing and my winters getting silly, shreddin’ pow.

Favorite adventure?

– We floated the entirety of Rock Creek a few years back at record high levels. Ducking bridges at speed, lean bars passing a few inches below. Dropped my favorite three weight into the drink, the only way to get off that rushing torrent to camp was to jump out, wrap a rope around a tree and swing the boat in. Couldn’t have been more fun.

Go to destination?

– I feel like I’m always trying to get back to Montana.

Other sponsors?

– I’ve worked with some awesome people: Patagonia, Orvis, Howler Brothers.

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Website: rccone.com  Also visit the website for RC’s new film, ‘YOW: Icelandic for Yes!

Follow YOW: Icelandic for Yes!


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