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Underwater Cinematographer

Hometown Pompano, Florida

Current Town Aina Haina, Hawaii

Latest Expeditions Ascension Island/Isla de Montuosa, Panama

What inspires you? What/who made you want to do the crazy things you do? I’m inspired by new experiences and places that are near impossible to get to. I want to freedive in every ocean to learn the waters, the people, and the cultures. I’m addicted to finding the muddiest trail and rare wilderness. I attempt to share my experiences through cinematography and storytelling, with the intention of inspiring others to adventure and experience all the rare and beautiful places, people, and water.

What item do you bring on your trips that others would find extraneous, but you consider it to be absolutely essential? I always travel with an 8 inch Japanese sashimi knife, sesame oil, and Sriracha. With these tools, I’m always ready to prep different sashimi dishes for those I’m traveling with.

What activities do you participate in? I am typically stationed in the water, freediving and spearfishing. But I also participate in hiking, freediving, surfing, and climbing—photographing and filming all said activities.

Favorite destination visited? Isla Montuosa. I’ve been back there three times now and there is something very special about the island. Having to battle finches for breakfast, land crabs eat through your tent, or having howler monkey come through camp make this place unreal.

Top destination that you have yet to visit? Mentawai Islands

If you had a superpower, what would it be? I wish I could Teleport myself all over the globe.

On the road “or boat” simple recipes?
Panama Ceviche
– 3lb cubed yellow jack or grouper “cut cold”
– 1 half red bell pepper diced
– 1 half yellow bell pepper diced
– 1 habanero diced
– half white onion finely diced
– lots of cilantro diced with stems
– fresh squeezed lime juice “enough to cover the fish”
– half can of ginger ale
– siracha to taste
– salt and pepper to taste
Its better if it sits for at least a day. serve with chips.

What is playing on your iPod right now? R.L Burnside

Other sponsors?
DiveR Australia Custom Fins
Florida Freedivers – Freedive Shop

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