Liz and Josh Wilson, writers for travel blog and Mountainsmith Brand Ambassadors shown posing in front of a beautiful green valley.


– Travel Writers & World Explorers for Peanuts or Pretzels Travel Blog

Description of occupation or project:

– We travel around the world seeking adventure and sharing our fun experiences with our readers. Our goal is to share our love of travel with them and inspire them to get out their and plan their next adventure. We also incorporate geocaching in our travels around the world, as a way to provide us with a unique travel experience!


– Atlanta, GA


– Josh (September 7th, 1983) Liz (August 29th, 1980)

What inspires you?

– Being able to inspire our readers to live happier and achieve their travel goals.

What is your go to Mountainsmith product?

– We have changed our travel equipment often, but one has always been there for us. Our Tour TLS has been with us on our adventure for over 12 years. Our “Adventure Bag” goes everywhere we go.

What activities do you participate in?

– We love visiting new places all around the world. We rarely turn down any activity when discovering a new place. Whether it is hiking to geocaches hidden on trails, scuba diving in oceans, repelling down into caves, or jumping out a perfectly good airplanes. Oh, and we also love to interact with locals to learn the culture, and sample the food (well, most of it!). Of course we love to document these experiences with our readers.

Favorite adventure?

– Snorkeling in the “cenotes” in the Yucatan, Mexico. They are deep caves and pools underground – and it was an amazing  experience!

Go to destination?

– Although extremely tough, we would have to say Asheville, NC. This beautiful mountain tranquil town has everything we love to offer. Great food, mountains, geocaches, brew, and life long friends is what draws us to this beautiful town in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Other partnerships?

– Garmin, Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites, Hosteling International, Podcacher

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