Joe Zimmermann, adventurer, idea man behind the Blackwater Drifters Expedition, and Mountainsmith Ambassador pictured hiking through a slot canyon in a white long sleeve shirt and khaki pants.

Project Title:

– Blackwater Drifters  (Visit our webpage at

Description of Project:

– Kayaking the longest waterway in North America in order to raise awareness about how our food production system affects our rivers.


– Scottsdale, AZ


– November 11, 1988

What inspires you?

– People who make living life an art.  The ones who are able to step back from our contemporary lifestyle and find the lifestyle that works best for them.

What is your go to Mountainsmith Product?

– I have two.  The Mountain Dome Tent (To be released Spring of 2015) and the Scream Backpack.  Since I’m living out of a tent for 5 months straight, having a reliable refuge from the wind, cold or bugs is crucial.  Quick to set up, the Mountain Dome Tent has plenty of room for my gear and offers a lot of headroom.  The scream backpack is perfect for taking into town for groceries and folds down incredibly small when I need to store it.

Essential, non-essential camping gear:

– Frisbee (doubles as a plate!), books/e-reader and a music player.

What activities do you participate in?

– Rafting, Mountaineering, Bouldering, Reading and Community Involvement.

Favorite adventure?

– Driving from Denver to Mexico City (32 hours one way) to climb the 3rd highest peak in North America (Pico de Orizaba).  My brother and I successfully avoided drug lords, got past military checkpoints and summited after getting food poisoning.  Then we drove the 32 hours back to Denver.

Go-to destination:

– Visiting the Earthships in Taos, NM.  I love the feeling of being completely self-reliant!

Tell us about your dream adventure:

– I’m living it!!!  Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted to kayak from Montana to the Gulf.  A new campsite every night, physically demanding and all at the pace the river sets.  My long-term goal is to build an investment portfolio that will let me adventure all the time.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Genies are pretty awesome.  I’d love to be able to grant people their wishes.

Who makes the cut on your current playlist?

Dee-1’s “One Man Army”

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