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Adventure Cinematographer/Photographer


Hails from: Orem, Utah

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite destination visited?  I’m kind of obsessed with Mexico. I love the culture the amazing places that are still being discovered for outdoor activity. It’s a super diverse country as far as the landscape goes.

Top destination that you have yet to visit? I really want to go to Iceland and/or Norway for a month.

What inspires you?  Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been into creating. Things like videos or drawing or building things. Now I’ve been doing this full time for a few years as a photographer/film-maker. What motivates me is motion. Exploring new ways to move my cameras around in the outdoors to film athletes.

Favorite Mountainsmith product: Honestly, I need huge packs, right now mine weighs well over 50 lbs with gear, but there are shoots in which you can go light and I think a great pack for that is the Kit Cube Traveler. It looks simple and clean and actually can hold a decent amount of gear.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? I think flying would be amazing and open up a whole new perspective. Plus then I wouldn’t need to fly a drone to get the footage I want.

Favorite backcountry meal?  I know I’ll be judged for this one, but cup a noodles, especially when it’s cold outside.

What is playing on your iPod right now?  I drive a lot so the last thing listened to was a podcast called The Enormocast. Check it out it’s great.

What non-survival-essential item do you bring while out exploring?  Probably my Helicopter or Cable Cam. My pack of gear while going to shoot typically weighs close to 100 lbs with all my stuff. But all the little extras needed for my heli or cable cam definitely aren’t very “normal” things to bring.

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Latest Expeditions:  I recently just had an 8 page article in Dead Point Magazine about sport climbing in Mexico. With a video. Now I’m working on a new series with EpicTV. And in February will be heading to Mexico for a month to make a film about new bouldering down there.

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