Mountainsmith ambassador David beaver climbing

Adventure PhotographerDavid beaver, Antarctica, National Geographic Expedition

Hails from: Kingman, Arizona

Tell us about what you do: I have always been an avid lover of photography, and about 3 years ago I was introduced into the world of rock climbing and decided the passion that athletes place into the sport is no doubt worthy of documenting and revealing to the world, since then I have been putting most of my time and effort into creating motivational images for athletes both professional and recreational for use as inspiration during the tough times along the road to greatness.

Favorite adventure? In 2012 my friends and I packed up and traveled the west coast reaching destinations such as Joshua Tree, Bishop, Yosemite and Tramway California, totin a canon 7D and one lens, it was on this trip that I was exposed to the bulk of my inspiration and it was the trip that really sparked the fire for me to photograph and document the world of rock climbing and adventure sports, and since then I haven’t looked back.

Favorite Destination? Bishop, California

What inspires you? The Struggle, When its Real

Tell us about your dream adventure: I would love to spend a month or two traveling to climbing destinations all over the world and taking photographs of anyone and everyone in the area free of charge in order to promote the culture that I love and bring others passion to light through my own passion for photography.

Favorite Mountainsmith product: The Descent

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Daniel Woods Super Strength

What is playing on your iPod right now? Stay Schemin – Rick Ross

What non-survival-essential item do you bring while out exploring? Twinkies, for roasting in the fire!

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