Christina Armbruster sitting by pond

Christina Armbruster sitting on rock at sunset


Hails from:; Salt Lake City, Utah

What inspires you? What/who made you want to do the crazy things you do? I am always looking for something new, whether a new trail or a different method of exploring a place I have been to a hundred times before. One of my favorite photographers is quoted saying, “If I stay in one place for too long, I become blind.” I think I am more fascinated with the movement than any one place or activity in itself. The more I explore the more I want to see.

Latest expedition(s)/project(s)? I’ve had lots of little climbing trips recently, but my last big expedition was a collaborative project with a writer in the San Juan Islands in Washington. We kayaked for a week, exploring Lopez Island and neighboring Islands, gathering stories and photographers for a piece we put together. A rendition of the story can be found on the Mountainsmith blog.

What is your favorite Mountainsmith product and why? The Mountainsmith 40L Tarpaulin Trunk has been a surprise favorite of mine. I was not expecting to use it as much as I do. It is both a duffle bag and a backpack. Great for hauling gear, traveling, storing or even tak ing to the climbing gym. And it is water resistant, to boot. So I am not afraid of putting it in a kayak or biking in the rain with it. It is not designed to be a totally waterproof dry bag, but it is pretty darn close.

What item do you bring on your trips that other woulds find extraneous, but you consider it to be absolutely essential? My camera gear. So many times I weigh in for a backpacking trip, or always have extra bags I am slinging around, and it is always full of cameras or film.

What activities do you participate in? Climbing, trail running, skiing, kayaking, trekking, and urban road biking through the never ending obstacle course of taxis, bad drivers and people unexpectedly opening car doors.

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