amy and beau johnston swimming in the ocean and taking pictures

Beau – Ocean, Landscape & Lifestyle Photographer

Amy – Wave, Water and Surf Photographer

Amy and Beau Johnston getting married

Latest expedition(s)/project(s)? My wife & I will be traveling to Cancun Mexico to take in the natural beauty, wild life & sea life in September 2015. We also have trips planned out the back that have us going to places like Maui, The Caribbean & a road trip up the coast of California to name a few.

Beau: Anaheim Hills, CA
Amy: Corona, CA

Currently? Riverside, CA

What inspires you? What/who made you want to do the crazy things you do?
Beau: The earth because it is responsible for all the beauty that surrounds us everyday and my family are my main sources of inspiration.

Amy: My father is who inspires me. He was a great man and avid Harley guy. He retired after being a lineman for the city of Anaheim and about a month after, while walking across the street, he was hit by a car. From that point on he was paralyzed from the neck down and laid in a hospital bed for the remainder of his 3 years of life. After seeing my Dad work so hard for so many years and retire, ready to live his life, then have this tragedy happen, it has made me a much more life appreciative person. I now try to work as little as possible and play a lot more. I don’t believe in waiting to live my life or working myself to death…I try to fit in as many adventures as possible and stay stoked on life.

What is your favorite Mountainsmith product and why?
Beau: My favorite Mountainsmith product is definitely the Parallax Backpack, because it holds all my precious camera gear and then some in a protective, stylish & comfortable backpack that goes with me everywhere.

Amy: The Parallax is hands down my favorite product. It’s the product that has everything in one, the laptop and tablet sleeve, easy to access camera pockets, padded (for my accident prone self) safety and a dual shoulder strap. To put it simply, it is the ultimate backpack/carry case for photogs on the go or on an adventure.

What item do you bring on your trips that others would find extraneous, but you consider it to be absolutely essential?
Beau: My wife Amy Johnston
Amy: My Fiancee

What activities do you participate in?
Beau: Photography, Surfing, Fishing, Camping, Running, Hiking, Weight Lifting, Cooking & Traveling

Amy: Hiking, running, photography, swimming, expert in bikini wearing, volunteering and beach clean ups (Mauli Ola Foundation, Life Rolls On Foundation, Coastal Playground)

Do you own a dog? We have two rescued Pit Bulls (Kai & Ocean) that are about a year old with a medium/large build.

Favorite destination visited?
Beau: My favorite place I have visited would have to be my Grandma’s cabin on the Brazos River in Texas.
Amy: Kona, HI

Top destination you have yet to visit?
Beau: I have to go to Tahiti before I die
Amy: Tahiti!

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Beau: If I had a superpower I would definitely want to be able to breathe underwater like Aquaman.

Amy: I would chose the power of flight…Not only would I get to avoid the So Cal traffic (aka hell on earth), I could venture where only the birds can go, and have a good excuse to wear a cape.

Favorite backcountry meal?
Beau: My favorite back country meal would be an Epic Bar which can found at your local Whole Foods

Amy: Kind Bars

What is playing on your iPod right now?
Beau: My iPod is playing Above & Beyond (for running) & Metallica

Amy: Ear Candy Medley of; The Head and The Heart, Thrice, Thievery Corporation, Ray LaMontagne, Alex Clare, John Newman, Joe Cocker, Bob Marley, ZZ Ward, RJD2, Florence + The Machine, Tom Odell, Noah Gundersen, Sleeping At Last, Houses, Chet Faker, Lindsey Stirling, Thursday, Citizen Cope, Underoath, Strung Out, Rise Against, Bryan John Appelby, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Dawes….etc etc… basically a bunch of amazingness, naturally.

Other sponsors?
Beau: GoPro, Knekt USA, Carapace Wetsuits, Hubboards, Zeal Optics, Freestyle Watches, Polar Pro & Epic Bar

Amy: Brand Ambassador for Knekt USA, Matuse Inc, Aqua Green Swimwear, Koru Swimwear, PuraKai, Polar Pro, Feelgoodz, Bungalow360, Island Gypsy, Freestyle Watches, Puravida Bracelets, SOLO Eyewear, SurfEars, Yoga Design Lab.

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