Aaron Codling

Professional Photographer

Current town: Middlebury, Vermont

Hometown: Montpelier, Vermont

Favorite destination visited? No one favorite spot

What inspires you?  My inspiration is the beauty of nature that surrounds us everyday of our lives. Waking up before the sun and hearing nature come to life is one of the most inspiring and beautiful moments on can experience.
My mom is where credit is most given.She would kick my butt out the door everyday and say ”Go play outside. I dont want you to come back clean”. I never did. Mud, pine pitch and grass stains where and are a daily occurrence. Thanks mom 🙂

Favorite Mountainsmith product? My current goto piece of Mountainsmith gear is the Mayhem 35 Pack. i can pack enough gear for 3 days and still get my camera and a spare lens or two in it. Yet it is sized right for a day trip of snowshoeing or hiking also.

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Teleportation. Airline fees are expensive these days.

Favorite backcountry meal? Stone Soup

What is playing on your iPod right now? Reggae channel! Motorola (apple is crap)

What non-survival-essential item do you bring while out exploring? A 24oc can of MGD

Do you own a dog? Yes, Mya is a ten year old Weimaraner/Lab mix

What activities do you participate in?: I am active in; Mountain biking, trail building, snowshoeing, running, kayaking, yoga, aikido, making love

Other sponsors: Hard work and passion for photography

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