Brand Ambassadors

Mountiansmith Brand Ambassador Andy Mann mountain smith ambassador dave katz Chris Vultaggio Mountainsmith Ambassador
Mountiansmith Brand Ambassador Derrick Lytle holding his camera in a snowy forest. Mountainsmith ambassador James Q Martin portrait by Tamara Hastie Curtis Savard, photographer and Mountainsmith Brand Ambassador pictured jumping into the air in front of a New England forest
Liz and Josh Wilson Mountiansmith Brand Ambassadors and travel writers for, pose together in front of a lush green landscape AJ Marino, photographer and Mountainsmith Brand Ambassador pictured in front of a rocky landscape with his camera Theodore Van Orman Mountainsmith Brand Ambassador and photographer stands in front of a valley landscape
RC Cone, filmmaker and Mountainsmith Brand Ambassador pictured holding his camera gear with a beautiful creek valley in the background Grant Kaye, Photographer, cinematographer, educator and Mountainsmith Ambassador, pictured outside by his camera equipment behind a gnarled old tree.  Jonathan Hill, writer, photographer, videographer and Mountainsmith Ambassador showing a great catch up in the high country.
The Real Hiking Viking takes on the southbound Appalachian Trail.  Mountainsmith ambassador David Beaver Mountainsmith Brand Ambassador George Bruce Wilson
Christine Armbruster by a window Mark Wayne skiing Amy-Beau-Profpic
perrin james underwater with an octopus mountain smith ambassador pat goodman mountain smith ambassador dave lehl
mountain smith ambassador aaron codling mountain smith ambassador dave katz

2014 Ambassador Expeditions

Blackwater Drifters

Nick Caiazza, Member of the Blackwater Drifters 2014 Expedition, photographer, cinematographer, Mountainsmith Ambassador.  Pictured with black sunglasses around his neck on the river.  Joe Zimmermann, adventurer, idea man behind the Blackwater Drifters Expedition, and Mountainsmith Ambassador pictured hiking through a slot canyon in a white long sleeve shirt and khaki pants. Photo-place-holder


  1. When Mountainsmith moved thier operation from Golden, CO, I was a maintenance tech at the property they were leasing. I lended a hand with the move out and the guys were blessed me with a Bridger 4000 model backpack. That bag has been through a great deal with me since. 7 years and it’s suffered minimal damage, but is still serviceable. Wouldn’t use any other brand. Thanks Guys.

  2. is there an instruction manual for putting the walking sticks together, must be something simple, sometimes that’s the hardest thing to figure out – any instructions?
    We bought Forged for Life Halite 7075

    1. There is! Which model do you have? has a graphic for the Halite poles and FXpedition Monopod:

      The quick tips: Start at the handle. Work your way down until you get to the first flick lock (black plastic piece). From here, there should be a couple inches of aluminum pole sticking out. Pull down on that aluminum section until you hear a click and the silver button pops out. Also feel free to call us at 303-279-5930!

  3. love the sixer cooler bag, would love to see more color choices and pockets on side one for water bottle and the other side have zip lock pocket othe the that great bag use it for my lunches for work… 😊

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