The First Hemophiliac Summits Everest, Looks to Seven Summits

“No longer can anyone say that someone with hemophilia can’t climb Everest with proper treatment, training and medical care. By standing [on the summit] I hope to show what we should be striving for. Not that everyone should climb mountains (although I do believe the outdoors are for everyone) but that everyone should be able to shoot for their dreams.” – Chris Bombardier

Chris Bombardier is a mountaineer and a global health activist based in Denver, CO. He’s on the board of “Save One Life,” an international hemophilia non-profit that works to improve the lives of those with hemophilia in the developing world.  He recently became the first person with severe hemophilia to summit Mt. Everest– and the cameras were there to capture it. Watch the sneak peak of his upcoming documentary, Bombardier Blood, and follow along as he gears up for Mt. Vinson (Antarctica). Targeting a December summit, his climb up Mt. Vinson will mark a lifelong dream of completing the Seven Summits.

Follow along to learn more about his experience on Everest and his push toward Vinson. Check out his website for more details on each summit as well as more on how you can help out Save One Life and the hemophiliac community around the world.

The Making Of Bombardier Blood [Feature Documentary] from Ryan Gielen (Believe, LTD) on Vimeo.

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