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Must have camping gear/gadget:

Any of the various contraptions that allow me to make coffee.

Favorite adventure destination:

I love exploring the rivers and canyons of Utah… It never gets old. Next answer, any body of water be it moving or still.

Worst/funniest outdoor story:

My worst story was when I had to medevac my dog eight miles on an improvised stretcher after she was injured while on a backpacking trip in the West Elks.  We spent an extra night in the woods, burned a few extra calories and I sprouted a few extra grey hairs, but my pup was ok after a bit of rest.

Go to Mountainsmith gear:

Anything from our travel storage family… Basic Cubes, Mod-Haulers, Bike Cubes…  No matter what the trip, or during preparation for a trip… They help keep my gear organized and ready to go.

Fun fact or unknown tidbit about Jonathan:

As a teenager, I was a Silver medalist in the Sunshine State Games for Tae Kwon Do sparring.

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