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Must have camping gear/gadget:

Portable speaker system

Favorite adventure destination:

Right now, Buffalo Creek, CO for some camping and mountain biking!

Worst/funniest outdoor story:

A few years ago, I was snowboarding on the south side of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort late in the season(June, I think). The snow was pretty thin by the time I got to the bottom, and ended up having to hike out the remainder of the mountain. I was down on the flats when I noticed a large black animal about 75 yards up the trail. She noticed me at about the same time I saw her, and stood on her hind legs to reveal herself as a 6 foot tall black bear. I think we were both as just as frightened of each other and a staring contest ensued. Fortunately, I had my board on my back so I appeared to be 8 or 9 feet tall to the bear. After a good five minute standoff, I started to rock back and forth to intimidate the bear, who of course took hiding just 10 feet off the trail that I would eventually have to walk down. I proceeded cautiously until I came right up to where the bear had been standing. Just as I was walking next to the bear, it made a mad dash up the hill running away from me. Lesson learned: act big when you encounter a black bear! Glad I had my board on me to seem like the bigger animal!

Go to Mountainsmith gear:

It’s funny, they both have to do with holding liquids(hydration is important here in Colorado). My Spirit 12 is always on my back when I am riding my mountain bike, and there are usually some cold home brews in my Sixer cooler for when I am finished with my ride.

Fun fact or unknown tidbit about Jeremy:

I can solve the Rubik’s Cube in under 3 minutes. I like puzzles!

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