Mountainsmith, Mountainlight, Haze 50, backpack, Three Strings Productions, Golden, Colorado, Andy Mann, Jay Getzel
Andy Mann of Three Strings Productions focuses in on Jay, as he prepares to tell us about the Haze 50 backpack.

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” – Andy Warhol

Did we just achieve our fifteen minutes of fame?  Probably not, but the employees at Mountainsmith spent a day in February in front of the camera in an effort to make the user experience at, that much more friendly.

In the coming weeks we are making an effort to create informative product videos to be added to our website and to be shared as tools for our retailers.  “Whether our customers are making purchases online or at a brick-and-mortar outdoor stores, we realize that the research process is starting on the computer, tablet, or mobile phone,” says Jeremy Dodge, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Mountainsmith.

Mountainsmith, Mountainlight, Mountain shelter, Jonathan McFarland, LT, tarp shelter, Golden, Colorado,
Jonathan prepares the Mountain Shelter for its time in front of the camera. At sub 2 pounds and just $129.95, its ready for the big screen.


“Videos are big right now,” says Sales Manager Jonathan McFarland, “It’s one of the primary places that gear knowledge is obtained on the internet.  We feel that the easiest way to communicate with our consumers is talk to them ourselves, so that’s what we’re doing.”

We invited our friends from Three Strings Productions to the offices to film the products for us, and it made for a fun and productive day.  For this round of filming, we were able to capture 8 videos.  Stay tuned as we add videos for the Haze, Wraith, Spirit, Spectre, Juniper, Lookout, Loveland, and Mountain Shelter.

At the end of February we will be filming 8 more in hopes to fill out our website with a video for just about every product.  Have a look when they come out and let us know what you think!

The crews from Mountainsmith and Three Strings Productions ready the set of for the Mountain Shelter LT
Mountainsmith, Mountainlight, Mountain Shelter LT, Tarp shelter, Jonathan McFarland, Jeremy Dodge, andy mann, three strings productions



  1. I love your products. Mountainsmith was recomended by a friend. I have 2 packs, the sixer, and a camera bag. I work in Yellowstone National Park, and also get to live and play there. This last season I put alot of gear to the test. I am a fly fisherman and wildlife photographer. I have had wading boots fall apart miles in the backcountry, waiders leak, headlamps fail, and nothing barthers me more than spending good money on bad products that fail. Yellowstone has been hard on my gear. That being said, your products have never let me down. The packs fit great and are a pleasure to wear, The camera bag fits in my daypack, and the pack itself is great for backcountry fly fishing. There is no sign of wear at all. I beat the hell out of your products, and know that I will have them for years to come. Videos were the way I made decisions on all of the gear I needed for YNP. Videos that go through the all of the features of a product , if done well have the potential to help a consumer make a decision on the spot. The best videos are the ones with the most detail. Don’t be afraid to have them run long. If someone wants to spend the money, they will want to make an informed decision. You should have gear testing as a part of the video. A year in the life of a Mountainsmith backpack. Show people how durable your gear is. The last of this long winded cemment is to make your products here in the states. That almost turned me away. That is important to alot of poeple.

    thanks for reading this,
    Ricky Harney

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ricky…glad to hear your Mountainsmith gear is treating you well in Yellowstone (we need to get up there…it’s been too long for me).

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