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  1. I received my first backpack over 50 years ago; I’m sure it was a BSA external frame canvas model. Since then I have carried rucks, bergans, and backpacks of all shapes and sizes on three different continents – nylon, canvas, waxed cotton, leather, external, internal and no frames. twenty-six of those years were in the military. Nine of them overseas. I just returned from the GSMNP with my Mountainsmith Cascade. Over the last few years I’ve had to replace most of the zipper pulls [from ones I’ve removed from past equipment]. This trip my Cascade has breathed his last; all the waterproof lining has started disintegrating. I’ve had this pack longer than any other two I’ve used or owned. I’m getting ready to harvest all the usable parts. Then I’ll cut him open to get the stays out and put in the recycling bin. Then I’ll bag the remains for the trash man. This is going to be like doing an autopsy on a friend and putting them into a body-bag. I have to admit, I’m a little emotional over this. I will however be starting the shopping process for a replacement as soon as I press send. I’ll be purchasing another 75 liter Mountainsmith pack – I will settle for nothing less.

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