Stars, they’re just like us! We know they go to the grocery store, use credit cards, occasionally jay walk, pick their noses, spend their whole paycheck on burritos (ok, maybe that’s just us). But did you know they also wear fanny packs? We strap ours on for hands-free trail running, mountain biking, and music festival shenanigans, but we’re all for the red carpet resurgence.

1. Kanye West

Yeezy, #1 on the list and #1 in our  his heart.  It’s a shame he didn’t start a fashion line sooner.

Kanye West Wears a Fanny Pack














2. Fergie

Fergalicious definition make them boys go crazy.

Fergie wearing a fanny pack


3. Leonardo DiCaprio

This is why he won the Oscar.

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a fanny pack


4. Tyra Banks

She is a super model after all.

Tyra Banks wears a fanny pack

















5. Chuck Norris

Fanny packs aren’t just coming back, Chuck Norris is bringing them back.

Chuck Norris wearing a fanny pack


6. Hulk Hogan

Still wrestling with the idea of a fanny pack? Let me tell you something, brother…

Hulk Hogan wearing a fanny pack


7. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Putting the “rock” in “rocking it”.

Dwayne "The Rock Johnson wearing a fanny pack


8. Beyoncé

They call her the Queen for a reason. If Yoncé wears a fanny pack, we wear a fanny pack.

Beyonce wearing a fanny pack


Fanny Packs Off the Red Carpet

Get your fanny off the couch (or don’t) and check out “The Fanny Pack” from
Mountainsmith Fanny Pack

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