Andy Nichols creates a stunning night image by using a slow shutter speed and flaming steel wool that he lit on fire and spun around in circles over a lake.


– Outdoor Buying. Sounds horrible right? Insert sarcasm.

Description of occupation:

– I spend my time buying and selling gear. When I’m not doing that, I’m out using it. I used to sling North Face gear on the corner, but I decided to widen my horizon by selling gear through a large online retailer.


– Salt Lake City, Utah


– February 27, 1989

What inspires you?

– My inspiration comes from the sole fact that I have the health to get out and pursue my passions. There are so many people that aren’t able to get out and live their dreams due to illness or other factors. My dad is one of these. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at a very young age and is completely immobile now. Financially this came to wreak havoc on my family and left me without my outdoor mentor. It’s been a long a difficult road to get to where I am today. But with my dad as my source of inspiration we aren’t going to let a disease get in the way of living out our dreams. I wake up every day knowing that I should pursue my goals today. You never know when you won’t be able to.

What is your go to Mountainsmith product?

– My Mountainsmith Spectrum pack is my go-to bag. I like to carry my camera with me everywhere I go and this pack allows me to do just that. There is plenty of room to haul my camera accessories, water bottle, and other necessities. This pack has been my trusty wingman on the slopes, trails, crags, and even on the river. It has yet to get me any women though.

What activities do you participate in?

– I like to excel at a wide variety of outdoor activities. One might call me a swiss army knife for outdoor recreation. You know a jack of all trades, master of none? Yeah, that made no sense. Anyways, when I’m not working, I’m out mountain biking, rock and ice climbing, trail running, backpacking, fly-fishing, skiing and snowboarding, and of course popping some pixels while I’m doing it.

Do you own a dog?

– Nope, but I do have some creepy crawlies that aren’t so cute and cuddly.  I have a bearded dragon named Aurora B. Orealis. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen her blow fire yet but she makes up for that with beard power. I also have a tarantula named Yebi. If you don’t mind fangs and hairy legs she’s cute as a button.

Favorite adventure?

– One of the most memorable adventures that I’ve been on was a snowboarding trip to Canada. We had so many issues getting across the border that it was almost comical. As we drove from Seattle to the Canadian border, we encountered our first obstacle. Someone had stolen our boards off the car. To this day it remains a mystery of how it happened and of course we didn’t realize it until we were almost to the border. Once we grabbed some new equipment we continued our journey for Canada only to encounter more problems. We weren’t allowed to cross the border and were searched head to toe. Apparently four guys crossing the border from entirely different states is suspicious activity. Who knew? Once all the kinks had been ironed out, we were only to encounter the best snow any of us had ever seen. Was it worth the trouble? Every minute of it.

Go to destination? 

– If I’m looking for some adventure, Moab is my jam. There is just something about the sensation of jamming your hands in sandstone, crashing through some rapids, and bombing down the single-track.  Bear Lake, Idaho is my go-to when I need to satisfy my craving for some sun, sand, and a cold brew. As a beach bum at heart, I’ve spent many lazy summer days skimboarding, wakeboarding, and taking long strolls on the beach. Cliché, I know.

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